síbiotech specializes in the extraction of bioactive compounds using innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly technology – supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide (CO2). Extracts are obtained from natural raw materials such as berries, fruits, and medicinal plants, as well as from their processing by-products, for example, sea buckthorn seeds, hemp seeds, linseeds.

Both non-polar or fat-soluble fractions and polar compounds are obtained from the mentioned raw materials. For polar compounds, a secondary solvent such as ethanol is additionally used in the supercritical fluid extraction process. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol are recognized as safe and harmless solvents (GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe).

In supercritical fluid extraction technology, carbon dioxide (CO2) is exposed to pressure (74bar) and temperature (31°C) above its critical limits. Under the influence of this process, CO2 changes its physicochemical properties, entering a supercritical state and acquiring effective solvent properties. By circulating through the raw material in a certain amount and flow rate, supercritical CO2 (scCO2) extracts fat-soluble bioactive compounds like fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, plant sterols and other bioactive compounds. In the course of extraction, the scCO2 saturated with compounds of the raw material is led to separators, where the pressure is reduced accordingly, scCO2 returns to a gaseous state, and target substances are obtained in the separators. In addition, it is possible to obtain polar compounds of raw material (for example, polyphenols) by using a secondary solvent in the extraction process. The CO2 released in the separators is collected and used for subsequent extraction cycles. The obtained extracts do not contain CO2 residues, they are of high concentration, quality and microbiologically stable with a long shelf life. The technology is sustainable and environmentally friendly and does not use organic solvents.

Advantages of the technology
• Efficient extraction of bioactive compounds.
• 100% pure extracts with no additives.
• Bioactive compounds are not modified, their natural chemical form is preserved.
• Gentle extraction method, preserving the nutraceutical activity of bioactive compounds.
• No contact with oxygen – no oxidation takes place.
• CO2 is recycled and collected – environmentally-friendly.
• Highly concentrated extracts (effective in small doses).
• Extracts are microbiologically stable and have a long shelf life.
• Extracts do not contain heavy metals, inorganic salts, proteins, fiber, or allergens.
• Extracts do not contain solvent residues.