Lyophilization (freeze drying) is a dehydration process at low temperatures under vacuum conditions. In lyophilization technology, the raw material to be dried sequentially is frozen, followed by pressure reduction up to vacuum conditions in which the sublimation process takes place. In this process, the liquid state of water is bypassed, as the ice in the frozen product is converted into a gaseous state during the sublimation process and is led to the condenser. The advantage of lyophilization technology is that the raw material retains up to 98% of its biologically active substances.

síbiotech uses lyophilization technology for drying raw material before supercritical fluid extraction to ensure low moister content for efficient extraction process. For the extraction to be effective and standardizable, high-quality raw materials with a high amount of biologically active compounds are required.

Furthermore, lyophilization technology is used for drying berries, fruits, medicinal plants, and their processing products, which allows preservation of biological functionality of the products.

In addition, síbiotech offers lyophilization services for various natural materials, such as berries, fruits, and vegetables. A methodology and protocol is developed for each product to ensure product quality and process efficiency.