Health4Cardio EE-LV00035

Health4Cardio EE-LV00035

Period: 01.10.2023-01.10.2025
Programme priority: Jointly and smartly growing businesses
Specific objective: 2.1: Enhancing sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs, including by productive investments


Health4Cardio is a cross-border cooperation project between BioCC OÜ (Estonia) and SISTEMU INOVACIJAS JSC – Si Biotech (Latvia). The project’s focus is to use cross-border knowledge transfer to improve the partners’ capacity to develop a prototype of an innovative new dietary supplement. The partners have their own individual strengths and expertise in production and distribution. BioCC works with high qualitative lactic acid bacteria cultures and is competent in conducting clinical trials with probiotics and functional foods, whereas Si Biotech is specialized in the extraction of natural substances using modern and green extraction methods, (CO2 supercritical fluid extraction) both for research and production. The common challenge is to find a technological solution to combine a clinically researched and patented probiotic bacteria strain with sea-buckthorn (Hippiophae rhamnoides) seed oil and find a suitable delivery form to determine health benefits for cardiovascular- and gut health.

1. Finding an innovative technology for the combination of two health-beneficial ingredients to develop a synergistic dietary supplement prototype using the in-house competencies of both partners.
2. Determining the prototype’s mechanism of action and bioavailability by conducting a preliminary clinical trial.

Completing these actions will create innovative technologies through sharing of knowledge and consequential product development. A jointly developed technology will raise both partners’ competitiveness and growth thanks to cross-border cooperation, knowledge transfer, and innovation.

Total budget: 577 375 €
Financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 461 900€
Co-financed by the partners: 115 475€

Berit Juhkam