The main activity of síbiotech is the research of biologically active compounds of natural origin and the development of new products. síbiotech scientists on regular bases carry out experimental extraction attempts for the isolation of various biologically active compounds from raw materials of natural origin, such as seeds and pulp of berries, other fruit processing by-products and medicinal plants.

In the process of the research and experimental extractions, both technologies at the company’s disposal are used: supercritical fluid extraction and lyophilization.

The raw material is freeze-dried before extraction so that the moisture in its composition is as low as possible, thus ensuring extraction to the max. Using lyophilization, we are able to ensure the moisture of the raw material within 1–3%.

During the supercritical fluid extraction of the raw material, in the first step, all non-polar or fat-soluble fractions are isolated using pure carbon dioxide. And, in addition, in the second stage of extraction, ethanol is used in a concentration of up to 5% to obtain an extract of polar fractions, for example, one containing different classes of polyphenols.
Carbon dioxide and ethanol are recognized as safe and harmless solvents. The obtained extracts of natural substances can be used in the further production of herbal medicine, food supplements and cosmetic.