What are cookies?

In order to improve your experience by making our website more comfortable, we can use cookies. Cookies are tiny temporary text files which are stored on your computer or mobile device in order to ensure correct functioning of the website by keeping into mind your settings and interests. Cookies are the standard of the sector and most of websites are using them. You may refuse from the use of cookies by choosing appropriate settings on your browser, however, please, take into account that in such case you will probably not be able to use all the functions of www.sibiotech.com.

How are we using cookies?

By visiting the website www.sibiotech.com the informative notification is displayed that cookies are used on our website. By closing this notification, you approve that you have become familiar and agree to the information on cookies and sending of cookies to the browser of your device.

Our website uses Google Analytics – the service of Google Inc. that transmits the traffic data of sites to Google servers in the United States of America. Google Analytics does not identity separate users and does not link your IP address with other data present on Google. We are using the reports provided by Google Analytics in order to understand and analyse the peculiarities of visits of our website and its use in general.

The information on how you visited our website is kept in the cookie – when it occurred, the user’s IP address is kept, what sections of the website were viewed. This information is being transferred at the disposal of Google Inc. and kept on Google servers for 60 days (in the European Union and USA). Before transferring of data to Google, IP addresses are anonymised by replacing them with a specific code which is granted to each individual user.

Google on its behalf confirms the conformity of data processing, including data transfer to third persons, with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the European Union and USA, as well as it emphasizes especially that the received data are not used for the provision of Google services.

You may prevent the transfer of cookies to Google by using the plug-in “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on” (see Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on).

How can you control cookies?

You have an option to delete cookies from your computer or other device, as well as to use the settings offered by most of browsers which prevent the creation of cookies.

Almost all browsers provide the following options:

  • To view the saved cookies and delete them;
  • To prohibit creation of cookies by third persons;
  • To prohibit creation of cookies by marketing websites;
  • To block creation of any cookies;
  • To delete all the cookies upon leaving the browser.

By deleting all the cookies your settings on certain websites will also be deleted. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that in case when you block creation of any cookies, many websites (including our website) may start to function inappropriately and provision of the service may be interrupted. That is why we are not recommending to select the option to block creation of any cookies.

What cookies are we using?

a) Technically necessary cookies

Certain functions of our website are running fully only with specific cookies. If you will block the cookies intended for the provision of these functions, you will not be able to use our website, or the use thereof will be incomplete.

b) Session and setting cookies

We are using session cookies in order to identify you when you are visiting our website in order for you to be easier to use the functions of our website and you could easily move between pages of the website. The validity period of these cookies terminates upon termination of the browsing session, for example, upon closing the browser. We can also use cookies for a longer period of time in order to remember the settings selected by users and the activities made on our website. Usually, these cookies are not stored in the device for more than two years.

c) Third party cookies

We may integrate the functions of the websites of third parties on our website, for example the social network Facebook, Instagram etc. Scripts or other elements which allow to read and sometimes also to save cookies from social networks are also sometimes usable together with these functions. The cookies of third parties are out of control of JSC “SISTEMU INOVACIJAS”. You may become familiar with the privacy and cookies policy of third parties on the websites thereof.

Can changes be made in the cookies policy of JSC “SISTEMU INOVACIJAS”?

JSC “SISTEMU INOVACIJAS” reserves the right to change this cookies policy according to its preferences by informing users thereof on its website.