About us

sĂ­biotech, a nutraceutical research and extraction facility, is a structural unit of the joint-stock company SISTEMU INOVACIJAS established in 2019 to research and extract bioactive natural substances.

SISTEMU INOVACIJAS was founded in 2007 by uniting specialists in the field of medicine to provide clinical research services for pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

In 2014, in addition to the core business, the company started focusing on the research of bioactive substances and invited specialists from the biology and pharmaceutical industries. In 2019 the company established a pilot production facility of sĂ­biotech.

Currently, sĂ­biotech specializes in the extraction of bioactive substances using modern, innovative and sustainable extraction methods. sĂ­biotech performs extraction of bioactive substances both for the purpose of research and on the scale of production.

Supercritical fluid extraction technology with carbon dioxide (CO2) is used in the extraction of natural bioactive compounds. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is recognized as a GRAS, safe and harmless solvent (GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe), and after the extraction the used CO2 is not released into the atmosphere, but recycled for reuse. Lyophilization (freeze drying) technology is used for the pre-treatment of raw material before extraction.

síbiotech also has its own agricultural area to grow raw materials – sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) plantations on an area of 16 ha ensuring the extraction and production of sea buckthorn seed fatty acid extract.
Supercritical fluid extraction is used to extract bioactive compounds from berries, fruits, and medicinal plants for use in the following industries:
• green herbal pharmacy products,
• cosmetic products,
• functional nutrition products,
• food supplements.
In addition, sĂ­biotech develops its own product line using natural extracts produced by the company:
• for the promotion of cardiovascular health (HIPPOCOR®),
• for strengthening the immune system (HIPPOCOR®),
• to reduce signs of aging (anti-aging),
• for skin health and beauty.
Based on its experience in research and bioactive compound extraction, sĂ­biotech offers contract manufacturing services for the production of various extracts using supercritical fluid extraction, as well as lyophilization (freeze drying) services.

• The goal of síbiotech is to produce high added value products, therefore we try to use raw materials grown in Latvia – berries, fruits, and plants, as well as by-products of their processing process to create precious products from them.TM